Classes Offered
Fundamentals of shooting-This class covers the fundamental skills necessary to safely handle, load, and shoot a handgun.  For this class, we use less than lethal tools that allow the beginning shooter to become familiar with understanding the parts of a gun, loading magazines, and to gain experience with the recoil of a firearm, while gaining confidence with an effective grip, site alignment, and trigger press without the fear of recoil and noise.  This class is highly recommended for the individual who does not yet own a firearm yet wants to better understand the safety protocols, the parts of a handgun, and what they should consider when purchasing a firearm.  This class will prepare the student for taking the CA Firearm Safety Certificate test required for firearm purchases.  This class is offered in a temperature controlled environment in a conveniently located facility in Sacramento.  Specific location will be provided when using the link to sign up.  
Sacramento County CCW Recertification-This 4-6 hour class meets and exceeds the requirements for recertification of a CCW permit for Sacramento County.  This class will build upon your abilities to effectively and efficiently get your gun from your holster if ever needed. Movement while shooting will be incorporated into this class. Firearm and holster (see FAQ's) is required for this class.  This class is held at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, rain or shine, cold or warm/hot!  Come prepared! Please use the contact tab-classes are scheduled on an as needed basis.
Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Do you go to the range to shoot yet nothing changes in your pattern of shooting?  Do you know the efficient practice for reloading your firearm?  Do you repeat the same steps for each holster draw?  Do you want to improve in your shooting skills, to truly know your firearm and how you interact with it?  If so, come to this class as often as you would like!  There is nothing like having instructors observe and coach you in your shooting.  This class is offered to TWAW members for a cost of $50; all other attendees will pay $75.  This class is appropriate for anyone wanting to simply practice and improve.  All work is done from a holster -come prepared!
Private Group Classes
Are you looking for a small group private class?  Are you looking for a class in which you and your friends can learn in a safe environment?  Please use the contact page to explore options for your group.  Range availability and cost for small group instruction will typically be at a higher cost than a planned class with a higher enrollment.
Helping our young adults/teens stay safe-non-firearm class-Over time, I have been asked to speak with teens/young adults about the world in which they live and how they can keep themselves safe.  These 'classes' have been held with groups of friends who might be heading off to college or who are starting to break away from the safety net of their parents while still in high school. A parent group may want this opportunity for their middle school aged student(s).  If you, as a parent, would like a group of your child's friends to have information that could potentially save their lives and keep them safe, please contact me.  This class is typically held at someone's home or a common meeting space that is comfortable for the group.