Four Safe Gun Handling Safety Rules:

1.  Assume every gun is loaded until you verify that it is unloaded

2.  Never allow the muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to destroy

3.  Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until your sights are aligned and you have made the decision to shoot

4.  Know your target, what lies beyond, what lies in front, and what is around your target

Qualification Course of Fire (effective January 1, 2019, according to CA Assembly Bill 2103, the course of fire will be established by each Sheriff in the State.)   The following will be the expected Course of Fire for CCW Certifications for Sacramento County beginning with any submission to the CCW office starting January 1, 2019.  IF you have your documentation of class and certification ready to submit using current standard, be sure to submit prior to December 20 (stating this on the safe side of the calendar).  


Please note that there will be a minimum of 100 rounds/gun expended.  50 will be a training/teaching use of ammo; 50 will be the actual qualification.  


Each individual shall discharge 50 rounds a minimum of 2 times according to the following schedule (two handed shooting except for stage 4; may not use bench rest. 

Stage 1:  15 yards; 6 rounds in 30 seconds; standing position

Stage 2:  7 yards; 14 rounds in 45 seconds (includes 2 reloads) (load 6, 6 and 2) 6 from standing position; 8 from kneeling position

Stage 3:  7 yards; 6 rounds in 10 seconds; any position

Stage 4: 7 yards; 12 rounds in 25 seconds (includes reload); 6 dominant hand only; reload and switch hands; 6 support hand only

Stage 5; 5 yards; 6 rounds total; 3 rounds in 4 seconds; repeat 2 times

Stage 6: 3 yards; 6 rounds; 2 rounds in 3 seconds; repeat 3 times


The first course of 50 rounds discharged shall be considered practice. The second course of 50 rounds discharged shall be used for scoring.

Typical B27 Target will be used; A 5 point score shall be granted for each round discharged inside of the seven (7) ring (center mass).

Each individual shall qualify with an 80% score (200 out of 250 points) on the scoring segment.

An instructor can take ADA concerns into consideration when qualifying individuals.


Holsters should be designed with the intent of securing the firearm as well as to cover the trigger guard.  Holsters with a release button can present an extra challenge to the shooter, creating an unsafe situation.  Therefore, a holster with this release button will not be allowed on the range. Please plan in advance.  

USCCA Instructor Course

The United States Concealed Carry Instructor Certification class is offered several times throughout the year in varying locations of the Sacramento region.  Classes are posted on the USCCA web-site and under 'classes' herein, as they are established.  There is an on-line training component required prior to attending the physical portion of the class.  Use the USCCA tab within this web-site for details.