Student letter from USCCA Course 2018 - partnered teaching with Jodi Grayem

" ...learned much more than I had expected."  "I was surprisingly impressed to see that a good portion of it focused on the true "instructor role & teaching" of the class. Which I can only imagine is a very challenging course to teach in the given timelines. None the less, you both performed flawlessly and present an outstanding course. In fact, in all my years of experience, as an military instructor, I have never seen a course that stayed on time as much as yours did!"  "As well, I have found, over the years, that the best training course is that one in which you walk away, having learned so much more from it than what was simply taught in it.  It is often very challenging to teach a course when you audience (or students) are all experts in their own minds and experience. Too often have I attended a training course where I was simply taught information, I already knew. I did not have this experience in your class."


"Lastly, I was totally impressed with the professionalism of you both and the training course. Although I do not claim to know everything, I will admit, as a instructor, I often silently critique.  And I was very impressed and glad to see that you did not simply pass everyone. I know how hard it is to stick to that standards (too often, instructors simply pass all). It is unfortunate that not all passed, however, it speaks to the level of professionalism and high standards of your course. Good for you!!"

Submitted by EG

From Fundamentals for Handguns Instruction:

"I wanted to say that Debbie MacDonald was a fantastic instructor!  Considering the fact that I was the only “lefty” in the group, as well as the only person with a revolver, she made added efforts to assist me." Submitted by FS

From CCW Recertification:   "I'm glad I went with my instincts and sought you out rather than just enroll in a class to get it done. I appreciate that neither of you cut me any slack. I ended up having the best time I've had at a range since my initial qualification.  Rest assured, your co-instructor was not about to let me slide.  Jodi was pretty awesome.  She's a great instructor too."