A & M Firearms Training is proud to hold certifications as both an Instructor and Training Counselor (TC) with United States Concealed Carry Association.  As a TC, it is indeed an honor to be able to work with individuals who are seeking their instructor certifications.  The USCCA is a highly regarded organization that educates it's members, supports their instructors, and stands ready to assist us if we are ever involved in a situation requiring use of force in the protection of our lives or those of our families.  

Instructor Candidates:  If you would like to become a USCCA certified instructor, please contact .  Classes are offered 2-3 times/year in the Sacramento region. Sign up for the two day instructor class (purchase from USCCA of on-line learning and tool kit required) by going to the booking on-line calendar herein.  For detailed information and to determine if this class is something you would like to attend, please contact Debbie MacDonald at amfirearmstraining@gmail.com   

Insurance!!!  Have you ever thought about what you will do if ever involved in a self-defense situation?  Do you know who you will call?  Do you have the money available to see you through the process you will face?  If not, I highly encourage you to research your options and then, you will find that USCCA insurance will be the choice for you.  Simply click on the button USCCA Membership button above and that will take you to the USCCA membership/insurance sign up! Many people insure cell phones - insure yourself for something of much greater value!